Ashe Caribe

Ashe is the life-force that runs through all things, living and inanimate. Ashe is the Power to Make Things Happen. Ashe is Divine Energy that comes from Olodumare, the Creator and is Manifested through Olorun, who rules the heavens and is associated with the Sun in the African's Traditions.

Ashe is The Power to Make Things Happen

We are an Events and Marketing Production Agency based, since 2014, in The Turquoise Caribbean.

Our Services:

♥ Special Locations for Events and Marketing Productions

♥ Logistic

♥ Wedding Planning Services

♥ Public Relations – Marketing – Media

We operate in:

Tulum & the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

La Habana & Preferred Locations, Cuba.





Have a look at some of the beautiful locations in the Caribbean






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Ashe Caribe Office

Jupiter #8, Tulum
Quintana Roo

+52 (1) 984 134 5082